Portrait Painting Atelier:
Old Master Techniques & Contemporary Applications

Forward: Domenic Cretara
Watson-Guptil Publications 2010

Portrait Painting Atelier provides a course of study in portrait painting using Old Master techniques that introduces the concepts and skills needed to truly think as a painter rather than a stylistic approach that attempts to mimic the “look” of an Old Master painting. The book begins with basic studio practices and continues with color mixing exercises, study of the underlying anatomy of the features, brush techniques and finally concluding with a series of demonstration paintings aimed at the intermediate painter.

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Video Lessons

January 6th, 2015—video lessons on Paint Better Portraits from Photographs available on line at!

    1. Paint Better Portraits from Photographs provides a step-by-step approach that links drawing concepts with studio painting practices. This foundation course is designed to aid you in gaining the core skills in interpreting 3-dimensional form (from a flat 2-D photo), understanding the structure of facial features, perceiving value, mixing credible flesh tones and applying essential brush techniques. Download support materials/sample images/homework exercises and get your questions answered on the live chat platform.


The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting
Techniques for Rendering Sky, Terrain, Trees and Water

Foreword: Norman Lundin
Watson-Guptil Publications 2015

Finally a book for the intermediate landscape painter that includes perceptual understandings of Nature’s visual patterns combined with specific painting techniques. Each component of the landscape is first described from naturalistic observation and then discussed in terms of drawing concepts, color mixing strategies and brush handling  techniques with step-by-step demonstration paintings that conclude each chapter. Generously illustrated with various stylistic approaches from direct, en plein-air to studio paintings.

August 2018!

Essential Techniques of
Landscape Drawing

Mastering the Concepts and Methods for Observing
and Rendering Nature

Foreword: Domenic Cretara
Watson-Guptil Publications 2018

Landscape Drawing employs observational skills to translate the scene through drawing techniques in graphite. This book is aimed at the novice drawer and builds from fundamental concepts of visual thinking to light logic and shading techniques to composition. Each of the components of the landscape (sky, terrain, trees and water) are described in detail with practice strokes and demonstration drawings that show their step-by-step development. The last chapter explores how these techniques are then utilized with other drawing media.